Fairey Globe

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Music globe for all ages Keep the magic alive .
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It has been written from long ago…

Every Blue Moon when the Maple Seeds fall, Fairies will gather for a Fairey Ball.

Hidden from the world a glow so bright

Thousands of Fairies will dance in the moonlight

Singing songs with a sweet delight. Oh, to be a Fairey on this Magical night.

The Fairy Ball the Fairy Ball the Fairy Ball is here!

To wear their pretties, They've waited to wear.

In a twirl of laughter, they dance about

As each one dresses for the big night out!

Trinkets of Silver I’ve heard Gold too makes a perfect touch for a fairy’s hairdo.

Then off they fly in a Fairy dust trail…

To see their Fairy friends and meet new ones as well.

A thrill it would be if we could just see

But until then, if ever that be may this little Globe help you believe.

Believing is everything no matter how big or small

If it makes your heart sing that's the greatest magic of all!

The Globe stands about 21 inches It is also musical and has lights. Some elements used on this Globe are from San Diego California.

One of a kind Pretty!

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