New web page look

The Conni Laine website enjoys a new look. Here you can get info on the latest happenings and learn a little bit more about this extraordinary artist. A soulful singer who calls upon a lifetime of experiences to tell her own stories. Watching her perform in any setting, whether it be in the studio onstage, at rehearsals, even in the kitchen, Conni gives it her all straight from the heart…all the time. The true sincerity in her voice carries you away.

But not only music, Conni also has an eye for all things beautiful. Patterns, colors, fabrics, her remarkably built-in sense of perfect style and flow shows. So much so, that she opened her unique boutique, My Little Pretties, offering fashions, accessories, and other items of sometimes eclectic beauty. A link to her boutique is also here. Even her sense of decoration is superb.

Even more, Conni is known for taking beautiful natural photos.

Look around. Enjoy your stay!!!